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Saturday, July 30, 2011

HowTo: Add Gnome Weather Shell Extension

Weather extension - Autoplus
Gnome Shell Weather Extension ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

GNOME 3 Weather Extension
In GNOME 2, the weather extension helped me remember when I was running a VM in Mobile, AL, from my machine in Austin, TX...You could also tell it was raining without looking out the window, but that would be insane...

When GNOME 3 came out Weather went away, so many have contributed to restore our collective sanity...

Execute this set of commands from a terminal to build and install the extension.

su -
yum -y install gnome-common gtk3-devel glib2-devel intltool automake autoconf vala wget gnome-tweak-tool
# You may have to copy and paste these commands...
unzip gnome3.2
mv simon04-gnome-shell-extension-weather-* weather
cd weather
./ --prefix=/usr 
make install

Restart GNOME Shell ([Alt]+[F2], r)

# start tweak tool gui from terminal (you installed this earlier)

Enable Weather Indicator Extension

# get your WOEID, Use your search key, and pick from the list.
wget -O - | grep Austin

# List weather extension settings
gsettings list-recursively $(gsettings list-schemas | grep weather)

# Set defaults for your account.
gsettings set woeid your_WOEID
gsettings set unit fahrenheit
gsettings set show-comment-in-panel true

At this point, you should have the weather in the top bar of your screen.

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  1. Thanks Rick.

    This is a great post!
    The instalaltion went without a hitch.
    The weather extension works.