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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HowTo: Install GNOME 3 Shell Extensions

Five must have Gnome shell extensions for Fedora 15 « Justin Stories

Earlier, I've blogged on the difficult to install weather extension (Rick Foos HowTo Blog: Gnome Shell Weather Extension ~ Web ...).

So how do you install GNOME 3 Shell Extensions?

First, Remember - Must Reset Desktop when Changing Shell Extensions
Alt-[F2], r

...Ubuntu is mostly the same with apt-get instead of yum...After you install the extensions, exactly the same...

# Install GUI to manage shell extensions.
yum -y install gnome-tweak-tool

# What are the available shell extensions?
yum list gnome-shell-extension-*

A list follows with some possibilities...
Installed Packages
gnome-shell-extension-common.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 @updates
gnome-shell-extension-systemMonitor.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 @updates
Available Packages
gnome-shell-extension-alternate-tab.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-apps-menu.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-auto-move-windows.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-cpu-temperature.noarch 0-0.3.git1f471c7.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-dock.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-drive-menu.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-gpaste.noarch 2.1-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-icon-manager.noarch 0-0.4.gitc34779c.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-mediaplayers.noarch 0-0.1.git259f96e.fc16 fedora
3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-noim.noarch 1.0-1.fc16 fedora
gnome-shell-extension-noripple.noarch 1.0-1.fc16 fedora
gnome-shell-extension-pidgin.x86_64 0-0.5.git80d4ea4b59.fc16
gnome-shell-extension-places-menu.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-pomodoro.noarch 0-0.2.git13030cd.fc16 fedora
gnome-shell-extension-presentation-mode.noarch 0-0.3.gitbe7e0ae.fc16 updates
20111008-1.fc16 updates
0.2-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-remove-volume-icon.noarch 0.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-righthotcorner.noarch 1.0-1.fc16 fedora
gnome-shell-extension-theme-selector.noarch 0.9-3.fc16 fedora
gnome-shell-extension-user-theme.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-windowsNavigator.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-workspace-indicator.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
gnome-shell-extension-workspacesmenu.noarch 0-1.fc16 fedora
gnome-shell-extension-xrandr-indicator.noarch 3.2.3-1.fc16 updates
# If you're not one to mess around, install them all...You can always remove them later...
yum install gnome-shell-extension-*

# Enable/Disable Shell Extensions from a gui.

While many of them may not do what you expect, some are good.

Some extensions will need settings to be customized.

# Find where the settings for a shell extension are located.
# NOTE: Extensions may or may not have 'extension' in their schema name.
gsettings list-schemas

# Find the current settings, for an extension.
# if you have a keyword to grep, you can use that or copy one of the schemas from the list.
gsettings list-recursively $(gsettings list-schemas | grep weather) city '' position-in-panel 'center' show-comment-in-panel true show-text-in-panel true translate-condition true unit 'fahrenheit' use-symbolic-icons false woeid 'USTX0058'

# Find out what the valid settings are...
# Most useful for enums, otherwise just reports the data type and none exactly say what will happen...
gsettings range unit


# Change a setting
gsettings set unit 'fahrenheit'

Now you are an unintended expert in GNOME 3 shell extensions...This is a step backward, there was a GUI to add shell extensions in GNOME 2...I had no intention of becoming a shell extension expert...So I'm an unintended expert...

- Rick

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