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Monday, December 5, 2011

HowTo: PreUpgrade Fedora 16

How to use PreUpgrade - FedoraProject

The original is fine, having done several, a few more steps

# Original Steps
yum -y update
yum -y install preupgrade

# New Steps
yum clean all
find /etc -print | egrep "rpm(new|save)$"
# meld /etc/xxx.rpmnew /etc/xxx
# (mv /etc/xxx.rpmnew /etc/xxx or rm /etc/xxx.rpmnew)
package-cleanup --orphans
# Remove what you can from the orphans. Don't remove if dependencies pop up.
# In case we have a new kernel from the update.
init 6
package-cleanup --oldkernels --count 1
# replace /dev/xxx with device in df -h step.
cd /boot;df -h .;tune2fs -r 0 /dev/xxx
# Update from text mode console,
# less chance of lockup while updating all the graphics/gnome packages.
init 3
# Log back in as root.
preupgrade-cli "Fedora 16 (Lovelock)"
# Remember part way through, you need to answer yes...then 1329 packages

# Original steps
package-cleanup --orphans
updatedb; locate --regex "rpm(new|save)$"
# (meld as above)
yum distro-sync

# New steps
# FC15 pam links need cleanup
# effects Audio, and Printers
authconfig --updateall --nostart
# If your nvidia X11 file is gone (runlevel 5 doesn't work)

# If you start getting emails from cron.daily, HowTo: Logrotate Permissions

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