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Monday, December 19, 2011

HowTo: Add Google Analytics to my Blogger Blog.

How do I add google analytics to my blogger template? - Blogger Help
How to add Google Analytics code to your blogger blog.
the Report - Google Analytics, the installation of code.

There were several ways to add Javascript to Blogger, and adding to Google Analytics wasn't covered, so my first pictorial HowTo...

First log into Analytics, and set up a New Account. It can reuse your current gmail account, it just has to be what Analytics calls a new account to use a new site. You can't add a new site to an existing account, which I tried to do enough times to write it down here...

Analytics New Account

So you have two analytic's accounts with the same email owner. By default, it will name the account using the email address, when you really want to name it by the site. You change it on the Profile settings.

Analytics Change Profile Name

The Javascript you need for your blog is in the next tab over under profiles: Tracking Code.

Analytics Tracking Code

Now you have the tracking code, go to blogger, and add from the list of Basic gadgets: HTML/Javascript. The search will not find Javascript as you would expect, I had to just scroll down the list of Basic gadgets.

You can add a gadget from Design>Layout

Blogger Design Layout

Add a gadget, select the Basics list, and scroll down to the HTML/Javascript gadget.

Blogger Add a HTML/Javascript Gadget (Basic)

Next, edit your HTML/Javascript gadget, and add the Javascript code you copied from Analytics.

Blogger Edit HTML/Javascript Gadget
Save, done, wait for a day to see if results are coming to Analytics.

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