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Sunday, December 4, 2011

HowTo: Pulseaudio + Fedora 16 + No sound + No Printers

Pulseaudio + Fedora 16 + audigy 2 ZS - No sound -

On preupgrade from Fedora 15/16, no audio devices. Pulseaudio service doesn't start. This keeps going into F16, so we will add more.

Permissions Problem:
To see if you have this problem:
pactl list
    (Not found, no permissions errors)

If it's OK, your audio devices will be displayed, and something else is wrong.

There is a unique problem from F15, where pam symlinks aren't updated. This is the best fix, from root:

authconfig --updateall --nostart
rm -rf ~/.pulse

If that doesn't work, I did this with username=root on FC16. It survived boot,and worked for all users. Don't do this unless you need to.

su -c "usermod -aG pulse,pulse-access,jackuser,audio root"

The other solution was chmod o+rw /dev/snd/*, you shouldn't have to do this one. 

If you start in runlevel 3 (terminal) it won't take effect until you go to graphics (init 5). (pactl list won't work until gnome is up.)

Flash Plugin Problems:

If the sound icon dissappears after the first playback from browser, you may have this problem.

When you add a graphics card with HDMI, there are two sound output sources, the motherboard, and the sound card. The default is to output to both at the same time. This fails for me in FC16 with HDMI and AC97.

From the sound icon (gnome 3) edit the settings, and change the output sources to the HDMI audio. (TBD, save this setting)


  1. (Fedora 16 and XFCE) I tried the usermod first. It didn't work, even after logging out and back in. I tried the authconfig fix. Not only didn't it work, Parole can't connect. Tried the chmod with no change. Sorry, but your fixes didn't work for me. Hope they do for some people.

  2. Try this path...Add some missing packages.
    [SOLVED] No sound in Fedora 15 xfce

    Sorry the authconfig failed, it came from a posted bug report.

  3. None of your fixes worked on my F16 desktop, except for the chmod and that one doesn't stick. The thread you pointed me to wasn't any help because I'm trying to play files that I was able to play under F14. When I try using pactl list, either as myself or as root I get this:

    Connection failure: Connection refused
    pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused